We are very sorry to inform you that as of December 11, the January Military Bowling Championships has been cancelled.

From Brad Edelman, President, High Roller, Inc.

December 11, 2020 – For the second time this year, I am in the awful position of disappointing people. I am sad and frustrated to announce that we are canceling the most important event on the annual bowling calendar.

Effective today, we have canceled the 2021 January Military Bowling Championships. It would have been the 64th annual event, and I am very sorry for the many participants who look forward to this event year after year to enjoy friendships and participate in a spectacular venue, joining us to honor the millions who have served.

This decision did not come easy and most likely could have been made sooner. However, based on national reports, I believe it is the only decision. Safety and health come before all else and there just isn’t a justifiable reason to ask bowlers from all over the world to come here during this pandemic. I do not want to be responsible for any participant or their guests, our staff, the South Point staff, or our sponsors getting sick.

We had received many team cancellations and had less than 100 completed teams. That number would have gone down even further. Many of the teams that hadn’t canceled yet were missing a player or 2, and hopes of filling those teams were not good.

Everyone has an opinion on the severity of the pandemic and how it affects his or her life. I’m sorry to disappoint anyone who still planned to come, but I’m looking forward to January of 2022 already!

Here’s hoping everyone has a safe and healthy Holiday season, New Year, and beyond!


  • Individual bowlers will be sent a refund check in the mail. We don’t keep credit card information on file, so we can’t issue a credit card refund.
  • If a team captain paid for the entire or partial team, we will contact them to establish who gets refunded.
  • Players have the option of rolling over their entry fees for January 2022 or the 2021 August Military Team Classic.
  • Refunds will go out shortly, so let us know about a change of address or if you want your entry fees carried over.