From Brad Edelman, President of High Roller, Inc. – For the first time in our 32 years, there will not be a February or July High Roller in 2013.

It’s really very simple, its like High Roller operates 8 stores but we are closing 2 of them for renovations.

Given the current economic condition of the world, the influx of bowling events into Las Vegas and many other factors that we all can name, we have decided that 2 of our 8 events will take a hiatus through the 2013 bowling tournament season.

But we won’t be just sitting around. We will be re-evaluating our format, schedule, entry fees & eligibility all with the goal of bringing back High Roller with a fresh, new and exciting look!

We will continue to run all of our other events:  two True Amateur Tournaments (TAT), two Senior Classics, the August Military Team Tournament and the Military Bowling Championships. So we will still get to see many of our friends and supporters during the year!

In EVERY SINGLE FEBRUARY AND JULY HIGH ROLLER, we have always paid out more than we took in! We have been doing this in Las Vegas since 1982.  Although we have never minded that, we don’t want to promote events nationally that provide small purses – which has been the trend in High Roller and most other competing events.

For 31 years, High Roller has led the world in bowling events and we won’t let you down!