2023 April Seniors Team Classic – at Gold Coast!

The 2023 April Seniors Team Classic dates have been announced, March 30th – April 7th, 2023 at Gold Coast. Brochure and more info coming soon, keep checking back for further updates.

Record-Setting events coming up!

February 16, 2022 – Greetings from Las Vegas!

The upcoming April and August events will be the largest ever! With more than 300 teams, the Senior Team event tops the 180 teams we had in 2019. The August event, with 1,260 teams, will be the largest tournament ever staged by High Roller with over 5,000 entrants!

Mask Mandate eliminated – As of February 9, the State of Nevada cancelled the mask mandate. They also stated that is subject to be changed back if numbers go the wrong way so if anything does change we will let you know by email.

Please get your teams in! – If you have team reservations and haven’t submitted your teams yet, you might lose them to the Stand By list. Both April & August have filled squads and long Stand By lists of paid teams.

Get your confirmations online! – In both tournaments, if your team is completed with all applications and entry fees, you can view and print your confirmations and schedules at www.high-roller.com by going to the page Your Personal Confirmation Here!

Dress code! – For both tournaments, dress is casual but respectable towards other contestants, spectators and sponsors, including shorts and hats.

Reminder! – For both tournaments, our hotel room block will most likely fill so make those reservations soon too!.

Want to bowl? – We always have some teams that need an additional player so if you don’t have a team but want to bowl, let us know at info@high-roller.com.

  • All squads are totally filled and we added Squad 21 which is also filled. We still have a Stand By list with over 100 teams waiting for a spot.
  • We informed Squad Organizers back in December that in March they could lose their spots to the Stand By list for any filled squad so we urge you to get your teams submitted.
  • Along with the new Squad 21, we added a Handicap & Scratch 5-Gamer on Tuesday, August 23 at 9am & 4:30pm and also a No Tap at 1pm.
  • Teams on Stand By move up quicker if they have submitted their applications and entry fees.

Click here for the brochure, and reserve for your team now! Email info@high-roller.com or call 800-257-6179.

Welcome our Presenting Sponsor – Storm Bowling Products! 
Contestants of the March/April Senior Team Classic can buy a Dark Code at a discount. Ball sales and drilling go on sale Tuesday, March 29. Limit one per person.

Welcome our Presenting Sponsor!
2 great balls at a military discount!  Limit 1 of each and only for tournament entrants.

South Point Hotel & Casino is ready and looking forward to welcoming everyone!