A slight change in dates! April 1 – 12, 2024: 7 squads to choose from!

2024 April Seniors Team Classic – 2,000 Bowlers Expected!

The brochure for the new April Seniors Team Classic tournament, held April 1-12, 2024, can be downloaded here.

Click here to enter online!

The April 1 – 12 Senior Team Classic has grown from 280 teams in 2022 to 407 teams last year and the signs show that 2024 will be the largest ever!

That means that squads fill quickly with reservations and we are now officially accepting reservations! Follow the above link to the new brochure, find the squad you like and let us know ASAP! Be ready with an alternate choice in case your squad has already filled.

  • Call us at 702-228-7308 or email info@high-roller.com or wendymacpherson@high-roller.com with your squad choices.
  • This year, teams with a reservation will have until January 31st to complete their registration, which includes forwarding an application and entry fee for each player.

Welcome to our Presenting Sponsor!
The Storm staff will be onsite to help you with your game, equipment and ball layout questions! Storm will also have a great ball on sale for contestants at a discount!

Once again, our host Gold Coast Hotel, Casino & Bowling Center will welcome the anticipated 2,000 bowlers with great discounted room rates!

We look forward to seeing you in October for our final event of 2023 as we get ready for 4 big events in 2024!

It’s not too late to reserve a team spot!

Join 300 teams already entered as we return to October!

We’re only weeks away from the October 8 – 13 Columbus Day Senior Team Classic!

  • There is still room for teams and individuals. Contact us for squad availability.
  • Team Captains must finish submitting their teams as there is a standby list for several squads. Teams not completed could lose their spot or have to transfer to another squad.
  • REMINDER – entry fees for all Optional programs increase if you enter them at the tournament. Save money by entering Sweepers, No Tap, Sidepots and All Events before the tournament starts! You can enter online with a credit card at www.high-roller.com on the page Enter Tournaments or mail in an application with a check.
  • Although no official Dress Code, we ask that all dress respectfully for other contestants, guests and spectators.
  • You can ship your equipment to the K & K Bowling Services pro shop. Call them at 702-880-5975 for details.
  • Dates for the April Senior Team Classic are April 2 – 12.  Brochures will be available soon.

Welcome to our new Presenting Sponsor!

Call Gold Coast Hotel for discounted room rates by September 8 at 888-402-6278!
Mention code COL123C.

On sale for $125 for contestants at the tournament – limit 2 per bowler

The Ultimate Tournament for All Bowling Enthusiasts

By Gary Hulsenberg

Grab your Storm bowling balls and 3G bowling shoes and pack your bags, because the Military Bowling Events in Las Vegas are the ultimate tournaments for all bowling enthusiasts! The High-Roller Team provide two legendary Military events, the August Military Team Classic and Military Bowling Championships in January. Picture this: a vibrant city known for its entertainment, combined with the thrill of competitive bowling, and a patriotic atmosphere like no other. It’s a match made in bowling heaven!

When it comes to hosting tournaments, Las Vegas and the High-Roller Team never disappoint. The city is synonymous with excitement, bright lights, and non-stop entertainment. From the iconic Las Vegas Strip to world-class restaurants and dazzling shows, there’s always something to do when you’re not knocking down those pins. And let’s not forget the casinos, if you’re feeling lucky, why not try your hand at the blackjack table?

But what truly makes the August Military Team Classic stand out is the incredible sense of camaraderie and patriotism that fills the air. This tournament brings together active-duty service members, veterans, and military supporters from all branches of the armed forces. It’s a unique opportunity to bond with fellow bowlers who share a common love for both the sport and their country. 

The tournament itself is a spectacle to behold. The South Point offers up top-notch bowling facilities, complete with state-of-the-art equipment. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a casual bowler, the competition is fierce and exhilarating. And the best part? It’s not just about winning; it’s about celebrating the military community and creating lasting connections. 

One of the highlights of the August Military Team Classic is the opening ceremony. Picture an arena packed with enthusiastic bowlers and spectators, all united by their love for the sport and their dedication to the military. The national anthem plays on the 60 jumbo screens that act as the giant scoreboards once competition begins, a large American flag hangs on the wall and as the lights dim, a spotlight shines on old glory and once the national anthem is complete, all in attendance erupt. 

Throughout the tournament, you’ll witness some impressive bowling skills. The sound of pins crashing, the cheers from the crowd, and the friendly banter between competitors create an electric atmosphere that is hard to match. It’s not just about the score; it’s about the shared experience and the memories that will last a lifetime.

But it’s not all about the bowling lanes. Las Vegas offers a plethora of activities to keep you entertained during your downtime. Take a stroll along the Strip and marvel at the famous landmarks, catch a mind-blowing show by world-renowned performers, or indulge in some delectable cuisine at one of the many award-winning restaurants. Las Vegas is a city that never sleeps, and the options are endless.

So, if you’re a bowling enthusiast looking for an unforgettable experience, the August Military Team Classic in Las Vegas should be at the top of your list. From the vibrant atmosphere to the friendly competition and the chance to honor our military heroes, it’s a tournament like no other. Get ready to roll those strikes, make new friends, and create memories that will last a lifetime. See you on the lanes in Las Vegas!

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2 More Squads Added!

We’re glad to report that the return of the Columbus Day Senior Classic is a success!  All four squads have now filled so we are adding 2 more squads to accommodate teams that still want to enter.

  • Squad E – Sunday, Monday & Tuesday, Oct. 8, 9 & 10   5pm each day
  • Squad F – Wed., Thurs. & Friday, Oct. 11,12 & 13  5pm each day
  • Bowlers in the new squads can pay the $40 optional fee and their scores will also count for the Handicap or Scratch Sweepers on those evenings. Optional Brackets from the Sweepers and Main Event squads will be combined.
  • Bowlers in the new squads will not be eligible for the No Taps.
  • Teams confirmed in other squads may change to the new squads if still available.

Click on the logo above for the full brochure! Mail the application with a check or enter online here with a credit card – it’s easy, fast & secure!

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We’re happy to welcome Global 900 for the first time as Presenting Sponsor!

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Gold Coast is ready to welcome back the High Roller seniors!

Coming in 2024!

Military Bowling Championships
January 14 – 19   South Point

April Senior Team Classic
April 2 – 12   Gold Coast

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The 67th Military Bowling Championships!

One of the most prestigious bowling events!

Click on the above logo for the full brochure! View the squads and reserve yours right away! Or email us,
info@high-roller.com or  wendymacpherson@high-roller.com (Please, no reservations by phone.)

Enter online with a credit card here or print the application page and mail with a check.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is south-point-logo-e1571687139507.jpg

South Point welcomes back our Active Duty, Veterans & Retired Military bowlers!

  • The AD & Vets division bowls in the Plaza
  • Both Retired divisions bowl in the Bowling Center
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Welcome back to our Presenting Sponsor

It’s getting close!

Here are some helpful items:

  • Entry fees for all optional programs are increased as of July 1. You can enter any of them earlier on the Enter Tournament page with a credit card or mail in a check. See the schedule for Sweepers, No Tap & Mixed Doubles on the brochure here.
  • We know that everyone likes to bowl with their friends in the Optional Sweepers. So to keep the squads running on time, please enter early as lanes fill quickly!
  • Avoid the long check-in lines in the Plaza prior to bowling your Doubles Event. You can check in the day before or even earlier if you arrive earlier.
  • Dress code is casual but respectable. Shorts, hats and t-shirts are permissible providing they are not offensive to others.

Storm, the Presenting Sponsor, is offering 2 great balls for just $125 each for contestants. You may purchase one of each onsite and have them drilled right there!

Book your hotel rooms now, some nights have already filled!

  • July 10 is the cutoff to make your reservation and receive the tournament discount and reduced Resort Fee.
  • Mention code HIG0823 when booking.

We’re looking forward to seeing everyone soon!

Put your teams together and come join us October 8 – 13, 2023 for Columbus Day Week!

Entries now being accepted! Click on the logo above for the new brochure and application! Mail the application with a check or enter online here with a credit card – it’s easy, fast & secure!

The same popular format used in the April Senior Team Classic makes its comeback in October where it started back in 2018.

 So now there are 2 great Senor handicap events for men & women aged 50 and over. Start forming your 4-person teams and bowl Team, Doubles & Singles events all for one $200 entry fee.

And there is a $25 discount for anyone who served in our Armed Forces!

Welcome Ron Mohr, Tournament Director, Columbus Day Senior Team Classic!

The High Roller is excited to welcome PBA and USBC Hall of Famer Ron Mohr to our tournament staff. 

Ron brings his experience in the amateur and professional bowling ranks as well as his organizational skills learned as an Air Traffic Controller and more recently with the South Point Senior Shoot-Out, owned by Ron and wife Lita who is also a member of our staff. 

He has worked with High Roller for several years, and now begins his tenure as Tournament Director of the Columbus Day Seniors Team Classic.

Ron can be reached at ronmohr@high-roller.com and 800-257-6179.

Welcome Global 900 as a new Presenting Sponsor!

Gold Coast Hotel, Casino and Bowling Center welcomes back our senior teams again in October!

Add to your calendar!
2024 April Senior Team Classic
Gold Coast Hotel, Casino & Bowling Center
Las Vegas
April 2 – 12, 2024

Just weeks away!

A record crowd is ready as Gold Coast welcomes 420 teams already registered for Team, Doubles & Singles competition March 30 – April 7!

The increase in teams from 284 last year, will make this purse the largest and deepest ever!

Since we added more squads this year, there are still openings in several so it’s not too late to put your 4-person team together. View the brochure here, check out the squads and call to reserve a team spot.

ALERT – Because of the addition of Squad G, there are limited lanes for Sweepers and No Tap on Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday, April 4, 5 & 6. There will be a maximum of 10 to a pair. We suggest prepaying if interested in bowling those optional events! Bowlers in Squad G are eligible to bowl the Sweepers but not the No Tap.

Gold Coast welcomes back the High Roller Seniors
March 30 to  April 7!

Book by February 23 for discounted hotel rates.
Call 888-402-6278 and mention code HRSD23C. 

Storm is happy to provide this great ball at a discount for entrants, but after experiencing the same economic battles as most other companies, needs to raise the price to $125. Design, material and shipping costs have affected bowling ball manufacturing world wide.

It’s Back!

We’ve had many requests to bring back this popular October event! We cancelled it during the “Covid” years but happy to announce its return to Gold Coast Hotel, Casino & Bowling Center in Las Vegas, October 8 – 13, 2023.

It’s the same popular format as the April Senior Team Classic, same entry fee and same excitement of handicap Team, Doubles & Singles competition. And of course, a few Sweepers as well! 

Watch for the new brochure coming soon!

Click on the logo above for the new brochure, schedule and application! Then email us to make squad reservations!

Happy Holidays to all!
We are very excited to send you the new 2023 August brochure! We hope you will join us again this year!

You will see that we added 3 more days. Last year’s event was the largest ever with 1,249 teams and this year we are shooting for 1,380 teams! But don’t miss your opportunity to grab a team spot – or several spots! 

Email info@high-roller.com ASAP with your choices. Include some alternate choices as many squads will be filled quickly. When we can confirm your squad choice we will reply to your email.

IMPORTANT TO KNOW – Squad Organizers provide approx.75% of the total number of teams each year so many squads fill immediately. When you email your choices, please have alternates.

As always, first-come-first-served!

Because we are anticipating a stand-by list for filled squads, all reservations will need to have their team applications and entry fees submitted by February 28.At that point we will be able to accommodate teams that are waiting for a spot.

Welcome back Storm, the Presenting Sponsor and our host
South Point Hotel, Casino & Spa!

Just 2 months away!

The record-breaking 66th annual Military Bowling Championships is coming up fast!  330 teams are registered and ready to visit the South Point Plaza and Bowling Center.

There are still discounted hotel rooms available until December 27 unless the block fills prior. Call South Point at 866-791-7626 and mention Military Bowling Championships!

Team Captains – if you haven’t completed your registration yet, please do that so we can complete our scheduling.

Although there is no dress code, we ask that all participants dress respectively for the other contestants, guests, sponsors and spectators. 

We look forward to seeing everyone soon!

Optional 900 Global
Sat. 14 & 21

for more info and to register

Roto Grip is offering 2 great balls at a discount for contestants only – Gem and Idol Cosmos!
(One of each)

Visit their booths!

Coming Events in 2023!

2023 is shaping up to be the largest year in High Roller’s 40 year history of tournaments in Las Vegas! In 2022, as we celebrated our 40th, we registered the largest field ever – 5,032 contestants in the August Military Team Classic!

Both the 2022 Military Bowling Championships and the April Senior Team Classic also produced the largest of their fields. Early entry counts for both show that 2023 will increase again!

Click on the logos for more info, brochures and to enter online!

330 Teams Ready for the 66th Annual MBC!

Our host South Point is ready once again for the Military Bowling Championships and our Presenting Sponsor Roto Grip has 2 great balls that will be on sale for contestants of this incredible event!

Take advantage of discounted hotel room rates by contacting South Point at 866-791-7626 or online www.southpointcasino.com and mention code Military Bowling.


This new squad was added to accommodate teams that have been on the Stand By list, but if your team wants to move to Squad G let us know.

Squad G bowls at 5pm on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, April 4, 5 & 6.

Since we have made room for approximately 30 more teams, there will be limited lanes for the Sweepers and No Taps on those nights.

$5000 in Added Prizes Just Mailed!

Based on an increase in sponsorship and vendor fees, we were happy to create 100 Added Prizes! Those prizes were distributed to Team, Doubles, Singles & All Events categories to extend the original handicap prize lists.

View the prizes by clicking here.

2023 August Military Team Classic brochure coming soon!
South Point hosts again August 2 – 22

2023 April Seniors Team Classic – at Gold Coast!

Click here for the new brochure and schedule!

Team reservations are now being accepted for the 2023 April Senior Team Classic for men & women aged 50 & over!  We still call it “April” although we needed to add squads in March to accommodate more teams.

Last year we had 294 teams and this year we are anticipating 350 – 375 teams.

That means squads will fill quickly as usual. Email us to reserve your spot. Teams with reservations have until January 31 to complete their registration with all 4 applications and entry fees.  At that time, if your squad is filled, we will take teams from the Stand By list.

Enter online at the Enter Tournaments page with a credit card – it’s quick, easy and secure! Or, mail in the application page of the brochure with a check to: High Roller, PO Box 33009, Las Vegas, NV 89133. Please remember, we need an application for each teammate.

We look forward to seeing you! Thanks for your support over the years helping to make this event grow!

For discounted room rates call 888-402-6278
and use ID HRSD23C

Welcome back our Presenting Sponsor! 
Storm will offer a great ball at a discounted price for entrants.

The 2022 August Military Team Classic will pay out more than $1 MILLION DOLLARS! Squad 1 is just days away!

Because of a record number of teams registered, more than $1 Million Dollars will be paid out in thousands of prizes!

We appreciate your support as always and hope you get a large piece of this record-setting purse. Prizes include all Optional Programs, awards and Recruiting earnings.

There are always teams that need a bowler. If you are interested, submit an entry online on the Enter Tournament page.

Are your USBC averages posted on bowl.com? Some USBC local associations have not posted all of their winter league averages from this past season. Not a bad idea to check to see if your averages are all posted from this season, and if not, contact your local association.

To get your confirmation and schedule, click on Your Personal Confirmation Here. If you do not see your name, that most likely means that your team has not completed their registration yet. Contact us.

Although there is no dress code, contestants are reminded that their attire needs to be respectable towards, sponsors, guests and other contestants. It’s Las Vegas in the summer so hats and shorts are allowed.

Discounted hotel rooms end on Monday, July 18.
Some nights are already filled, so don’t wait to book!  866-791-7626

Mention code HIG0803 or August Military Bowling.

2 great balls at a discount for contestants only – limit one of each.

Record-Setting events coming up!

February 16, 2022 – Greetings from Las Vegas!

The upcoming April and August events will be the largest ever! With more than 300 teams, the Senior Team event tops the 180 teams we had in 2019. The August event, with 1,260 teams, will be the largest tournament ever staged by High Roller with over 5,000 entrants!

Mask Mandate eliminated – As of February 9, the State of Nevada cancelled the mask mandate. They also stated that is subject to be changed back if numbers go the wrong way so if anything does change we will let you know by email.

Please get your teams in! – If you have team reservations and haven’t submitted your teams yet, you might lose them to the Stand By list. Both April & August have filled squads and long Stand By lists of paid teams.

Get your confirmations online! – In both tournaments, if your team is completed with all applications and entry fees, you can view and print your confirmations and schedules at www.high-roller.com by going to the page Your Personal Confirmation Here!

Dress code! – For both tournaments, dress is casual but respectable towards other contestants, spectators and sponsors, including shorts and hats.

Reminder! – For both tournaments, our hotel room block will most likely fill so make those reservations soon too!.

Want to bowl? – We always have some teams that need an additional player so if you don’t have a team but want to bowl, let us know at info@high-roller.com.

  • All squads are totally filled and we added Squad 21 which is also filled. We still have a Stand By list with over 100 teams waiting for a spot.
  • We informed Squad Organizers back in December that in March they could lose their spots to the Stand By list for any filled squad so we urge you to get your teams submitted.
  • Along with the new Squad 21, we added a Handicap & Scratch 5-Gamer on Tuesday, August 23 at 9am & 4:30pm and also a No Tap at 1pm.
  • Teams on Stand By move up quicker if they have submitted their applications and entry fees.

Click here for the brochure, and reserve for your team now! Email info@high-roller.com or call 800-257-6179.

Welcome our Presenting Sponsor – Storm Bowling Products! 
Contestants of the March/April Senior Team Classic can buy a Dark Code at a discount. Ball sales and drilling go on sale Tuesday, March 29. Limit one per person.

Welcome our Presenting Sponsor!
2 great balls at a military discount!  Limit 1 of each and only for tournament entrants.

South Point Hotel & Casino is ready and looking forward to welcoming everyone!