Columbus Day Senior Teams Classic Postponed Until April 2021.

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Brochure for April Seniors Team Classic can be found by clicking here.

We are still conducting our business and the October and other 2021 tournaments are still scheduled. 

Info for the 2021 Military Bowling Championships in January can be found by clicking here

2020 August Military Team Classic Cancellation

From Brad Edelman, President, High Roller, Inc.; June 23, 2020 – I am extremely saddened and frustrated to announce that we are canceling the 2020 August Military Team Classic. As in major events across the country, health and financial concerns outweigh any reason to stage what would have been our 13th consecutive year.

This painful decision didn’t come without hours and hours and days and days of analyzing, investigating, and soul searching before coming to our very regrettable decision.

The decision was largely based on these criteria:

  • Worse Case Scenario – Contestants coming from around the country visit many local attractions in Las Vegas. Upon returning to their homes, if anyone gets sick and tests positive for COVID-19, we run the risk of the Plaza being closed by local officials.
  • South Point management doubts we will receive approval to use all available lanes.
  • Hundreds of teams have already canceled. Many more are expected.
  • Hundreds of individuals have canceled leaving those teams incomplete.
  • Hundreds of other contestants are waiting to see what direction the future of the pandemic takes. Many contestants claim they won’t decide until the first week of August. Contestants, staff, venue, and sponsors need more notice about canceling.
  • The negative prospect of the future of COVID-19 for Las Vegas and the country, as reported by health organizations nationwide.
  • An increase of COVID-19 positive cases, as reported by many states, some new records.
  • An increase in the number of states implementing enhanced face coverings regulations.
  • Financial and unemployment statistics nationwide as many of our cancellations are due to financial reasons.
  • An important personal factor is knowing that the tournament environment would not be as casual and friendly as we experience each year. We would be dealing with security guards constantly moving crowds, and long lines as social distancing will be enforced. 
  • Contestants will be shown where and when they can be present. Although Security would just be doing their job, that is not the environment we want for our event.
  • Only contestants would be allowed in the Plaza, no spectators. The previous squad would have to vacate the Plaza.

Everyone has an opinion on these sensitive topics, but this is what has led us to the decision.

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Enter a High Roller Tournament today! You can choose to enter online securely by visiting our online entry page, or you can download the appropriate entry form, and fill out and fax w/credit card payment to: 1-888-794-2010.

The January Military Bowling Championships Has Been Cancelled

We are very sorry to inform you that as of December 11, the January Military Bowling Championships has been cancelled.

From Brad Edelman, President, High Roller, Inc.

December 11, 2020 – For the second time this year, I am in the awful position of disappointing people. I am sad and frustrated to announce that we are canceling the most important event on the annual bowling calendar.

Effective today, we have canceled the 2021 January Military Bowling Championships. It would have been the 64th annual event, and I am very sorry for the many participants who look forward to this event year after year to enjoy friendships and participate in a spectacular venue, joining us to honor the millions who have served.

This decision did not come easy and most likely could have been made sooner. However, based on national reports, I believe it is the only decision. Safety and health come before all else and there just isn’t a justifiable reason to ask bowlers from all over the world to come here during this pandemic. I do not want to be responsible for any participant or their guests, our staff, the South Point staff, or our sponsors getting sick.

We had received many team cancellations and had less than 100 completed teams. That number would have gone down even further. Many of the teams that hadn’t canceled yet were missing a player or 2, and hopes of filling those teams were not good.

Everyone has an opinion on the severity of the pandemic and how it affects his or her life. I’m sorry to disappoint anyone who still planned to come, but I’m looking forward to January of 2022 already!

Here’s hoping everyone has a safe and healthy Holiday season, New Year, and beyond!


  • Individual bowlers will be sent a refund check in the mail. We don’t keep credit card information on file, so we can’t issue a credit card refund.
  • If a team captain paid for the entire or partial team, we will contact them to establish who gets refunded.
  • Players have the option of rolling over their entry fees for January 2022 or the 2021 August Military Team Classic.
  • Refunds will go out shortly, so let us know about a change of address or if you want your entry fees carried over.

Age prizes from the Plaza

Retired & Senior Retired Combined
Age 70 – 79 Out-of-money prizes
Singles$50 each
John Ziakas851
Dave Gualeni843
Bobby Jones839
Wayne Watt834
Steve Lyczewski832
Bob Slade829
Bob Rutledge824
Paul Golden813
John Ferguson813
70-79 All Events$50 each
John Ziakas              2,624
Charles Douglas              2,557
Dillard Meares              2,539
Victor Norton              2,529
Wayne Watt              2,529
Age 80 & Over Out-of-money prizes
Singles$50 each
Albert Dollinger Sr.820
Norman Clark803
John Holtzclaw788
Lou Gilless787
Ted Galloway786
80 & Over All Events$50 each
Albert Dollinger              2,457
Ben Eaton              2,456
Hank Stovall              2,449

Active Duty & Vets prizes by age

Age 50 – 59 Out-of-money prizes
Singles$50 each
Vincent Davis886
John Breytspraak883
Marvin Jones882
Tim Benson881
Jeff White880
Jerry Cant880
David Cooper880
Joel Hardy880
Thomas  Wynne880
Steven Klein880
Age 50 – 59 Out-of-money prizes
All Events$50 each
Thomas Wynne     2,728
Ken Winn     2,722
Norm Bushrod     2,714
Dave Edwards     2,714
Jeff Peterson     2,711
Age 60 –  69 Out-of-money prizes
Singles$50 each
David Gass884
Clark Dee880
Steve Hougham873
John Mitsunga871
Sergio Barros867
Butch Warren861
Skip Samad860
Sam Quiller859
Age 60 –  69 Out-of-money prizes
All Events$50 each
David Gass     2,679
Ric Bronson     2,675
Ron D’Ambrosio     2,666
Emmerson Wafer     2,660
Kent  Gray     2,655
Age 70 & Over Out-of-money prizes
Singles$50 each
Pat Parisi887
Larry Neb887
Jeff Jamison884
Stan Biggers878
Gary Hadley875
Jerry Toenyes874
Phil Altosino873
Joe Hart870
Age 70 & Over Out-of-money prizes
All Events$50 each
John Bussey     2,686
Rickey Kendrick     2,685
Pete Partridge     2,654
Ken Greene     2,647
Tom Crowe     2,637

Many new prize checks going in the mail!

We’re happy to be able to extend the prize lists that were paid at the tournament site! Also we’re adding prizes for Team Captains, Ladies All-Events and many prizes by age for Singles & All-Events.

A bowler’s Singles or All Events score can only win one prize. If that score is eligible for an out-of-money prize and an age related prize, they will receive the out-of-money prize and another bowler will move up into the age-related prize list. These prizes will be in the mail by 2/11.

2020 MBC Extended Prizes

Active Duty/VetsSenior RetiredRetired
Singles$50 eachSingles$50 eachSingles$50 each
Stoner, Tom893Foster, Ed829Ah Yo, Phillie866
Hardin, Jeff893Johnson, Steve828White, Joseph866
Baez, Luis892Redstone, Bill826Dillman, Bob865
Whitfield, Tony892Carroll, John825Luckie, Butch865
Murray, Hurcules891Weston, George824Hall, Carl864
Bedford, Michael890LaCourse, Paul822Friends, Joe863
McAllister, Timothy890Mikkelsen, Michael822Archer, David A.863
Vilcheck, Andrew889Copeland, Jim821Livingston, Gary862
Dressler, J.C.888Helms, Ron821Noya, Joseph862
Garcia, Darren888Drakes, Luis862
Dyer, Mark888Leavell, Tony861
Altenburg, Eric888All Events$50 eachCarroll, Eric861
Fincham, Donald888Goodrich, Rich2558Wilson, Johnny861
Molina, Louie2557
Foraker, Greg2555
All Events$50 eachSteward, Ronald P.J.2552
Freeman, Les2734All Events$50 each
Yarborough, David2733Castillo, Wiggy2647
Rankin, Gregg2733Doubles$100/teamGroves, Andrew2645
Glenn, Richard2729Harris, Kary847Samonte,  Orlando2645
Lee, Kurtis2729Smart, Pat783Armstrong, David2644
1630Maupin, Tom2642
Kawa, Joseph788Putnam, Steve2638
Doubles$100/teamBlockett, James839Stallworth, Holton2636
Love, Ray8781627Burroughs, Steve2634
Hughes, John859Tonelli, Bob806Anthony, Bill2633
1737Kilgore, Don819Combs, Danny2633
Williams, Jeff8861625
Scott, Jay849Carr, Donald779Doubles$100/team
1735Herbert, Russell840Maupin, Tom876
Burt, Ryan8121619Morenz,  Rich812
Foos, Justin920Pederson, Bruce8191688
1732Johnson, Steve796Perez Sr., Tony897
Walenz, Ed8451615Wisby, Robert791
Walters, Bob8861688
1731Rideout, Dan823
Brewster, Jaime826Brown, Rick865
Brewster, Robert904Ladies All Events1688
1730Active Duty/Vets DivisionDuprey, Mark925
Gray, Kent886Jodie Hafer-White     2,669 $100 Duprey, Kathy762
Anderson, Maurice843Michelle Tidmore     2,665 $75 1687
1729LaRonda Buchert     2,595 $50 Carroll, Chuck975
Rico, Brian813Lamb, Scott712
Lightsey, Randy916Retired Division1687
1729Lisa Barfield     2,570 $75 Napolitano, Victor888
Karen Glacken     2,507 $50 Armstrong, James798
Team Captains $50 eachSenior Retired DivisionFausnight, Jim906
Active Duty/Vets DivisionMabel Binns     2,245 $50 Williamson, Kelly780
Justin Stevens8861686
Eric Flick884Ladies SinglesRoberts, Myron912
David Cooper880Active Duty/Vets DivisionEvans, Tony773
David Bitrick879Melanie Griffith        890 $100 1685
Wanda Volpp878Jessica Nosbusch        886 $75
Jerry Toenyes874Wanda Volpp        878 $50
Darrell Cook873
Gregg Rankiin873Retired Division
Brenda Hamilton        805 $50
Retired DivisionSheila Lawrence        799 $50
Butch Luckie865
Karen Glacken865Senior Retired Division
Michael Wood860Mabel Binns        764 $50
Darrin Symonds857
Kelly Rainey854
Lyderick Durden853
Senior Retired Division
Bill Redstone826
Thomas Johnson818
John Ferguson813
Jim King812

Gary Chambless is Retired All Events champ

TeamDoublesSinglesTotal Prize 
1Chambless, Gary10669578782901 $    750.00
2Huntsman, Rich9249949812899       600.00
3Ayson, Jun9699649602893       500.00
4Hoffman, Brian9709249782872       400.00
5Hartter, Michael9868999792864       350.00
6Axon, Dave93788610322855       300.00
7Brewster, Jerry9079409762823       225.00
8Schrader, Gary8929489832823       225.00
9Rufus, Calvin87110388952804       190.00
10Gantt, Jerry9648769522792       180.00
11Kassel, Neil10068928932791       170.00
12Roberts, Myron9399129342785       160.00
13Cheshier, Rick10538139022768       147.50
14Fausnight, Jim84790610152768       147.50
15Beasley, Mitch9308789492757       140.00
16Buchert, Charles9488709312749       135.00
17Corkin, Ron9139159202748       130.00
18Sheridan, Pete8449958992738       125.00
19McClintick, Johnny9199518512721       120.00
20Dillman, Bob9409158652720       115.00
21Zamora, Mark9478569102713       110.00
22Ellington, Hugh8818589722711       105.00
23Carroll, Chuck8549758782707       100.00
24Melancon, Greg9858748392698         95.00
25Aquiningoc, Lorenzo9109058812696         85.00
26Friendly, Sean8788899292696         85.00
27Gac, Jeffery9218848912696         85.00
28Ballard, Mike9488299142691         75.00
29Clark, Ken8818169922689         75.00
30Sweet, Chris9688558592682         70.00
31Willard, Dennis9388598822679         70.00
32Caseman, Chris7799749252678         65.00
33Cruz, Jim9288988522678         65.00
34Dumas, Tracy84182910052675         60.00
35Rideout, Dan9358239152673         60.00
36Arnold, Robert8908589242672         55.00
37Marlow, Tom9178349202671         55.00
38Benson, Donnie7909199612670         55.00
39Kidd, Chris9148059472666         50.00
40Williams, Huntley8698899002658         50.00
41Fulford, Kerry8339059142652         50.00
42Boutte, Shawn8958578992651         50.00
43Eastman, Bryan8698719082648         35.00
James, Jerome8549498452648         35.00