Just to be clear for the August Military Team Classic, we have added a G Squad on Friday, Saturday & Sunday bowling at 9am each day and the dates are August 14, 15 & 16 – not the weekend prior.

August Military Team Classic – August 10 – 16 – has added “G” Squad for Friday, Saturday & Sunday – 9am each day. Room now for approximately 50 more teams.

Hold on, hold on, disregard yesterday’s post! There will be a 7th shift, a “G” Squad, added to the August Military Team Classic to accommodate more teams! More info coming very soon, stay tuned!

August Military Team Classic Update – totally filled on paper, all 6 shifts!

However, some teams that entered late received squad times that they may not be able to use because of travel and work related situations.

This will open up some spots over the next couple of weeks so we are suggesting that if you have a team not entered yet, send it in to us as we will start a stand by list. Guaranteed some teams will get in.

Call 1-800-257-6179 or email info@high-roller.com for more details.