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Latest Status of the Military Bowling Championships

October 3, 2020 – Greetings from Las Vegas!  We hope all is well in your area and that you, your family and friends are all doing well.

Many teams have decided to skip this year.  At this date there are 81 teams that have completed their registration compared to 223 on this date last year.  Based on that data, limiting the squads to 15 teams instead of 30 gives us a better chance instead of canceling.  We have been told that we can only use half of the available lanes.

Please let us know if your team is not coming this year.

We knew back in June that team entries would be lower this year due to pandemic-related issues.  Many bowlers have decided to skip this year.  Others are waiting to see how pandemic issues might change over the next few months before they commit to coming for the 2021 Military Bowling Championships.  Many people are not ready to travel.

As you all know, guidelines and restrictions are out of our control and we must abide by them in order to have our tournament in January.

We have been advised not to expect many changes in those guidelines and restrictions.  The chances are, even if everything stays status quo and doesn’t worsen over the fall months, we can’t run the event as originally scheduled.

So to have a better chance of running the event, we have to modify the dates, squad times and format.  By making these changes now, we are giving as much time as possible for those who need to change their travel plans. In this “Plan B”, we are adding more days and we have to limit the squads to 3 games instead of 4 in order to fit the new schedule.  Current restrictions allow us to have 6 bowlers on a pair, the entire team, but we must have dark pairs on both sides.  That means instead of a squad of 30 teams in the Plaza, we may only floor 15 teams. In Plan B, all bowling will take place in the Plaza, so the Active Duty & Vets division will move there.

Your family and friends are welcome in the Plaza as well.

Below is the new Plan B schedule.  Starting immediately team captains can choose a new squad but we will go in order as originally entered so the first teams that entered will receive first choice.  As you can imagine, with only 15 teams per squad, squads will fill quickly.

Because of the ever-changing pandemic situation, entrants are advised to book their air travel with a carrier that has a cancellation, refund or change clause that is acceptable.  South Point and most Las Vegas hotels have a 24 or 48 hour full refund policy for cancellations.  Tournament refunds will be provided by request – whether the event runs or not – by January 14.

Procedure for obtaining a new schedule:

• Re-scheduling will begin immediately.

• After obtaining a new squad, complete registrations and entry fees must be received by November 10.

• Assigning new squads will be in order of original date received.

• Email your squad choice to and list at least 2 choices.

2021 January Military Bowling Championships “Plan B” Schedule

Opening Ceremonies – Saturday, January 16th at 8:30 am 

Active Duty & Vets Division in the Plaza   All squads are 3-games and fresh oil.

Active Duty & Vets Division in the Plaza   All squads are 3-games and fresh oil.

AD/Vets #1Sat, Jan 162 pmDoublesSun, Jan 174 pmTeamMon, Jan 189 amSingles
AD/Vets #2Sat, Jan 164 pmDoublesSun, Jan 179 amTeamMon, Jan 1811 amSingles
AD/Vets #3Tue, Jan 199 amDoublesWed, Jan 2011 amTeamThur, Jan 212 pmSingles
AD/Vets #4Fri, Jan 2211 amDoublesSat, Jan 232 pmTeamSun, Jan 24 4 pmSingles
AD/Vets #5Fri, Jan 224 pmDoublesSat, Jan 239 amTeamSun, Jan 24 11 amSingles
AD/Vets #6Mon, Jan 259 amDoublesTue, Jan 2611 amTeamWed, Jan 272 pmSingles

Senior Retired Division in the Plaza   All squads are 3-games and fresh oil.

Senior #1Sat, Jan 1611 amDoublesSun, Jan 172 pmTeamMon, Jan 184 pmSingles
Senior #2Tue, Jan 192 pmDoublesWed, Jan 204 pmTeamThur, Jan 219 amSingles
Senior #3Fri, Jan 229 amDoublesSat, Jan 23  11 amTeamSun, Jan 242 pmSingles
Senior #4Mon, Jan 2511 amDoublesTue, Jan 26 2 pmTeamWed, Jan 279 amSingles

Retired Division in the Plaza   All squads are 3-games and fresh oil.

Retired #1Sat, Jan 169 amDoublesSun, Jan 1711 amTeamMon, Jan 182 pmSingles
Retired #2 Tue, Jan 1911 amDoublesWed, Jan 202pmTeamThur, Jan 214 pmSingles
Retired #3Tue, Jan 194 pmDoublesWed, Jan 20 9 amTeamThur, Jan 2111 amSingles
Retired #4Fri, Jan 222 pmDoublesSat, Jan 23  4 pmTeamSun, Jan 249 amSingles
Retired #5Mon, Jan 252 pmDoublesTue, Jan 26 9 amTeamWed, Jan 2711 amSingles

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Columbus Day Senior Teams Classic Postponed Until April 2021.

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Brochure for April Seniors Team Classic can be found by clicking here.

We are still conducting our business and the October and other 2021 tournaments are still scheduled. 

Info for the 2021 Military Bowling Championships in January can be found by clicking here

2020 August Military Team Classic Cancellation

From Brad Edelman, President, High Roller, Inc.; June 23, 2020 – I am extremely saddened and frustrated to announce that we are canceling the 2020 August Military Team Classic. As in major events across the country, health and financial concerns outweigh any reason to stage what would have been our 13th consecutive year.

This painful decision didn’t come without hours and hours and days and days of analyzing, investigating, and soul searching before coming to our very regrettable decision.

The decision was largely based on these criteria:

  • Worse Case Scenario – Contestants coming from around the country visit many local attractions in Las Vegas. Upon returning to their homes, if anyone gets sick and tests positive for COVID-19, we run the risk of the Plaza being closed by local officials.
  • South Point management doubts we will receive approval to use all available lanes.
  • Hundreds of teams have already canceled. Many more are expected.
  • Hundreds of individuals have canceled leaving those teams incomplete.
  • Hundreds of other contestants are waiting to see what direction the future of the pandemic takes. Many contestants claim they won’t decide until the first week of August. Contestants, staff, venue, and sponsors need more notice about canceling.
  • The negative prospect of the future of COVID-19 for Las Vegas and the country, as reported by health organizations nationwide.
  • An increase of COVID-19 positive cases, as reported by many states, some new records.
  • An increase in the number of states implementing enhanced face coverings regulations.
  • Financial and unemployment statistics nationwide as many of our cancellations are due to financial reasons.
  • An important personal factor is knowing that the tournament environment would not be as casual and friendly as we experience each year. We would be dealing with security guards constantly moving crowds, and long lines as social distancing will be enforced. 
  • Contestants will be shown where and when they can be present. Although Security would just be doing their job, that is not the environment we want for our event.
  • Only contestants would be allowed in the Plaza, no spectators. The previous squad would have to vacate the Plaza.

Everyone has an opinion on these sensitive topics, but this is what has led us to the decision.

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