Latest News for the 65th Annual Military Bowling Championships

January 3, 2022 – Greetings from Las Vegas!  We hope everyone had a great Holiday season and we wish you the very best for the New Year!

With just 2 weeks to go, more than 300 teams are registered, and we are looking forward to getting this event on the lanes at South Point. It was hard to cancel in 2021 and we are glad that so many teams are returning.

To answer the most asked questions – 

First – On Friday, July 30, 2021, a mask mandate was initiated in all public indoor areas of Nevada. Our August Military Team Classic bowled through that mandate with a record number of teams.

Recently, certain counties of Nevada lifted those restrictions but not Clark County where Las Vegas is located.

  • There is still a mask mandate in place in Las Vegas and based on recent news from the Governor’s office, it appears that will not change any time soon. We are aware that other events may not be following protocols to the letter but we have been asked to and will comply.

That mandate is for all indoor public areas and of course that includes the bowling Plaza and the Bowling Center. Local Las Vegas authorities have committed to enforcing the mandate.

Second – As in all other areas, COVID spikes have hit Las Vegas. For information on local numbers we suggest you Google local Las Vegas news websites. We all know from 2020/21 how quickly things change so mentioning anything here doesn’t do any good since it can change tomorrow.

Third – We have been asked what happens if your flight gets cancelled and you can’t make your scheduled squad. That is another recent development that the entire world has been fighting through. Not much to do on our end other than ask that you notify us as soon as possible. Of course, refunds are automatic if you cannot come.   

We are not in the Governor’s loop and not privy to any information until it is released publicly so we will stay in touch again via email should anything new need to be announced.

With that said, we are very excited and can’t wait to see everyone that we missed in 2021! It will be great to get all these teams on the lanes and celebrate one of the most prestigious events anywhere in bowling – the 65th Military Bowling Championships!

Welcome our Presenting Sponsor! 
2 great balls at a military discount!  Limit 1 of each and only for tournament entrants.

South Point Hotel & Casino is ready and looking forward to welcoming everyone!

Military Bowling Championship Oil Patterns

Thanks for joining us!

Greetings from Las Vegas!

In these often changing and confusing days, we will do our best to keep everyone informed of the latest protocols for Las Vegas and South Point.

We will do that with emails so if you are not on our email list, let us know. You can also follow those protocols in our local Las Vegas news outlets.

As of today, they have announced that positive COVID cases have gone down as well as hospitalizations. But keep informed and be prepared for any changes.

Given those circumstances, here’s our advice if you are interested in coming.

  • You should be flexible in your travel plans. Book your airfare directly with an airline that has a refund policy and avoid 3rd party companies that are cheaper but don’t offer refunds.
  • Make sure your hotel offers refunds within 48 hours of your trip. Again, 3rd party companies don’t always offer refunds. South Point is offering discounted rooms Saturday through Saturday if booked by January 3rd.
  • High Roller will refund your entry fee upon request with 24 hours notice of your bowling time if you change your mind about attending.

If you have entered and decided not to attend, please let us know ASAP at: 800-257-6179 or email us at

Announcing the 65th Annual 2022 January Military Bowling Championships. Welcome Back!

We are happy to announce the 2022 Military Bowling Championships, and hope you will join us at the fabulous South Point Hotel, Casino, Spa & Bowling here in Las Vegas next January! It’s time to put your teams together!

We urge you to make a reservation before mailing in your teams.

As always, squads will be reserved first-come first-served. Reservations will be accepted starting on Monday, June 7 and we anticipate squads filling quickly.

To make a reservation it will be quicker to email as we expect all 3 phone lines to be busy all day.

Las Vegas should be back to “normal”!

Our sincere sympathies and condolences go to those families who were significantly impacted by the worldwide pandemic that caused us to cancel the 2021 event. Whether any suffering was health or financially related, we hope that everyone can get back on the right path!

Some changes have been made, mostly due to what we have heard from you! As always, changes don’t benefit everyone but we tried to make the right ones.

The Active Duty & Vets Division is moved to the South Point Plaza. The 2 Retired divisions will now bowl in the Bowling Center, also at South Point, more lanes and less walking.

We received very mixed reactions to the next item but we decided to remain, as in the past 50 years, with 4-game events. And most are happy that there is now fresh oil for each squad and no more 8am squads!

We missed seeing everyone this past January and we look forward to 2022!