August Military Team Classic Oil Patterns

Las Vegas moves towards 100% occupancy on June 1st

May 5, 2021 – Greetings from Las Vegas! Those that have already bowled at South Point know of the tremendous amount of square footage in the Plaza. And the Plaza is where our Team, Doubles & Singles events take place.

When Nevada increased from 25% to 50% occupancy in February, it gave us all the space we needed to schedule two 4-person teams on each pair – using all 60 lanes!

So that is what we are looking forward to this coming August. That also means that, although it is not yet official, we should be able to welcome your guests and spectators!

Currently, there is a mask-mandate in place throughout all public properties, including both bowling areas so expect that when you come.

So get your teams together, and after a year off, be ready for the return of the August Military Team Classic – we can’t wait!

We have a stand-by list for squads that are filled. If your team has a spot but has not completed applications, we might have to give your spot to the stand-by list.

When the 2020 August tournament was cancelled, many teams decided to leave their entry fees for 2021. For those teams that rolled their 2020 entry fees over to this year – make sure you send in new applications for each player as we don’t keep the old ones. Your team won’t be confirmed until we receive them.

  • As announced earlier we have decided that since we are not using current season averages we will not be USBC sanctioned or certified. The many players who did not bowl a league this year will not have to pay the $5 Associate Member fee.
  • Once your team is registered, view and print your confirmation and schedule from our website

New Information About August 2021

Brochure is now available! Click here

  • Confirmations for completed teams will be available mid-January.
  • Brochures with applications will be emailed to everyone on our email database. They will also be available for downloading and printing at by November 15.
  • Brochures will be mailed only upon request.
  • Advance reservations will be accepted until October 31 for contestants who were still entered when the August 2020 event was canceled. Squads numbered 1 through 20, and their times are the same as in 2020. Choices are first come first served. The dates are August 4 – 24, 2021, again hosted by South Point.
  • Reservations for all others will be accepted by phone or email on the day the brochures are emailed and posted on
  • Squad confirmations will be available to view and print at within 10 days of when your team is completely registered.

We truly appreciate your support and friendship over the years and for sticking with us. This event is yet another victim of the pandemic, but our goal is to get back on track, of course, with your support!

Be safe out there; stay in touch, and I hope to speak with you very soon!

Sincerely, Brad Edelman, President, High Roller, Inc.

Not on our list?  Simply email us at