New Information About August 2021

Brochure is now available! Click here

  • Confirmations for completed teams will be available mid-January.
  • Brochures with applications will be emailed to everyone on our email database. They will also be available for downloading and printing at by November 15.
  • Brochures will be mailed only upon request.
  • Advance reservations will be accepted until October 31 for contestants who were still entered when the August 2020 event was canceled. Squads numbered 1 through 20, and their times are the same as in 2020. Choices are first come first served. The dates are August 4 – 24, 2021, again hosted by South Point.
  • Reservations for all others will be accepted by phone or email on the day the brochures are emailed and posted on
  • Squad confirmations will be available to view and print at within 10 days of when your team is completely registered.

We truly appreciate your support and friendship over the years and for sticking with us. This event is yet another victim of the pandemic, but our goal is to get back on track, of course, with your support!

Be safe out there; stay in touch, and I hope to speak with you very soon!

Sincerely, Brad Edelman, President, High Roller, Inc.

The 2020 August Military Team Classic has been cancelled.

June 23, 2020 – I am extremely saddened and frustrated to announce that we are canceling the 2020 August Military Team Classic. As in major events across the country, health and financial concerns outweigh any reason to stage what would have been our 13th consecutive year.

This painful decision didn’t come without hours and hours and days and days of analyzing, investigating, and soul searching before coming to our very regrettable decision.

The decision was largely based on these criteria:

  • Worse Case Scenario – Contestants coming from around the country visit many local attractions in Las Vegas. Upon returning to their homes, if anyone gets sick and tests positive for COVID-19, we run the risk of the Plaza being closed by local officials.
  • South Point management doubts we will receive approval to use all available lanes.
  • Hundreds of teams have already canceled. Many more are expected.
  • Hundreds of individuals have canceled leaving those teams incomplete.
  • Hundreds of other contestants are waiting to see what direction the future of the pandemic takes. Many contestants claim they won’t decide until the first week of August. Contestants, staff, venue, and sponsors need more notice about canceling.
  • The negative prospect of the future of COVID-19 for Las Vegas and the country, as reported by health organizations nationwide.
  • An increase of COVID-19 positive cases, as reported by many states, some new records.
  • An increase in the number of states implementing enhanced face coverings regulations.
  • Financial and unemployment statistics nationwide as many of our cancellations are due to financial reasons.
  • An important personal factor is knowing that the tournament environment would not be as casual and friendly as we experience each year. We would be dealing with security guards constantly moving crowds, and long lines as social distancing will be enforced. 
  • Contestants will be shown where and when they can be present. Although Security would just be doing their job, that is not the environment we want for our event.
  • Only contestants would be allowed in the Plaza, no spectators. The previous squad would have to vacate the Plaza.

Everyone has an opinion on these sensitive topics, but this is what has led us to the decision.

Refund Information

  • Contestants will be refunded starting July 7 by direct mail. Please send any changes of address before then. Also, let us know if your entry fee should be transferred to August 2021, October 2020, or January 2021.
  • Contestants that paid with a credit card will be issued a refund check because we do not keep credit card information on file.
  • Many team captains paid the fees for their entire team. Team Captains will be contacted to establish who gets refunded.
  • Teams can leave a $170 deposit for the 2021 August Military Team Classic and select a squad, which will be reserved.
  • Contestants can transfer their August entry fee to either the October Senior team tournament or the 2021 January Military Bowling Championships.

Not on our list?  Simply email us at