April Seniors Team Classic Oil Pattern

We’re On For April!

February 22nd, 2021 – Greetings from Las Vegas!

According to the latest regulations announced by the Governor of Nevada on February 11th, occupancy for bowling centers will be increased from the current 25% to 50% effective March 15, assuming the COVID numbers don’t increase.

That was some of the good news we needed to go forward with our April 11 – 16 Senior Team Classic! The COVID statistics that everyone watches, positive cases, fatalities and occupied hospital beds have gone down consistently in Las Vegas for the last month.

Following the governor’s announcement, we have made an application with local and state authorities to host a “large gathering event,” which is required for our tournament to go forward.

We have been told that the application process should take 30 to 60 days.  While we are optimistic we will be able to move ahead, it won’t be official without that approval – and if we don’t have the approval in place by April 2, we will have to cancel and refund all contestants.

Given those circumstances, here’s our advice if you are interested in coming. 

  • You should be flexible in your travel plans. Book your airfare directly with an airline that has a refund policy and avoid 3rd party companies that are cheaper but don’t offer refunds.
  • Make sure your hotel offers refunds within 48 hours of your trip. Again, 3rd party companies don’t always offer refunds. Gold Coast is offering rooms at approximately $50 per night, plus tax and Resort Fee, Sunday through Thursday if booked by March 6.
  • High Roller will refund your entry fee upon request with 24 hours notice of your bowling time if you change your mind about attending.
  • Be prepared for strict Nevada protocols that include masks at all times in the bowling center, temperature checks, social distancing and disinfecting between squads.
  • Each team will bowl on just one lane and there will be a dark lane on each side. For the following squad, the opposite fresh lane will be used with a dark lane on each side.
  • Only the scheduled squad will be allowed in the bowling center.
  • Guests and spectators will not be permitted.
  • The teams who are bowling will have 15 minutes at the end of their squad to gather their equipment and exit so the next squad can enter. There is a paddock available on the bowling center level to store your equipment.
  • There will be limited lanes for the Sweepers and No Tap. We suggest you enter those prior to arrival as it is possible they may be filled due to having less lanes to use. Those entry fees are fully refundable with 2 hours prior notice.
  • The bowling center Snack Bar will not be open.
  • Smoking in the bowling center is allowed only if the Bar is open and only in that area.
  • Teams with reservations but have not submitted their applications and entry fees have until March 10. We have teams on standby that have already sent theirs in and are waiting for a spot.
  • Since there are many leagues that never started this COVID season, and still some states that aren’t bowling we have decided NOT to sanction/certify this tournament. This way we won’t have to charge those bowlers a USBC Associate Membership fee. However there won’t be any Award Scores available.

If you have a reservation and have decided not to attend, please let us know ASAP.Need your schedule? For all completed teams, view your by clicking on Your Personal Schedule/Confirmation Here!

Entering Instructions

We need an application for each bowler on your team. You can find it on the Brochures page.

You can also enter online, quickly and securely on the Enter Tournament page with a credit card or you can mail your application and entry fee with a check to:
High Roller
PO Box 33009
Las Vegas, NV  89133

New Squad Choices for April 11 – 16

Moving from Orleans to Gold Coast for April gives us the flexibility to accept more teams per squad but as always it is first-come-first-served.

Teams that were entered for October and are rolling over their entry fees to April can choose their squad simply by emailing info@high-roller.com.  Teams entering now can reserve any squad that is available starting August 17th.

Reminder – teams or individuals that are rolling their entry fees to April need to let us know as refunds will be sent automatically starting August 17th.

Squad ASquad BSquad CSquad D
SinglesSun. 10 AMSun. 2 PMWed. 10 AMWed. 2 PM
TeamMon. 2 PMMon. 10 AMThurs. 2 PMThurs. 10 AM
DoublesTues. 10 AMTues. 2 PMFri. 10 AMFri. 2 PM
Optional BowlingEach Squad $40 entry Fee
Mon. 6 PMHandicap No Tap
Tues. 6 PMScratch and Handicap 3-game Sweepers
Wed. 6 PMHandicap No Tap
Thurs. 6 PMScratch and Handicap 3-game Sweepers

Click here for 2021 April Seniors Team Classic Tournament Schedule.