This new squad was added to accommodate teams that have been on the Stand By list, but if your team wants to move to Squad G let us know.

Squad G bowls at 5pm on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, April 4, 5 & 6.

Since we have made room for approximately 30 more teams, there will be limited lanes for the Sweepers and No Taps on those nights.

2023 April Seniors Team Classic – at Gold Coast!

Click here for the new brochure and schedule!

Team reservations are now being accepted for the 2023 April Senior Team Classic for men & women aged 50 & over!  We still call it “April” although we needed to add squads in March to accommodate more teams.

Last year we had 294 teams and this year we are anticipating 350 – 375 teams.

That means squads will fill quickly as usual. Email us to reserve your spot. Teams with reservations have until January 31 to complete their registration with all 4 applications and entry fees.  At that time, if your squad is filled, we will take teams from the Stand By list.

Enter online at the Enter Tournaments page with a credit card – it’s quick, easy and secure! Or, mail in the application page of the brochure with a check to: High Roller, PO Box 33009, Las Vegas, NV 89133. Please remember, we need an application for each teammate.

We look forward to seeing you! Thanks for your support over the years helping to make this event grow!

For discounted room rates call 888-402-6278
and use ID HRSD23C

Welcome back our Presenting Sponsor! 
Storm will offer a great ball at a discounted price for entrants.

Thanks for joining us!

Greetings from Las Vegas!

In these often changing and confusing days, we will do our best to keep everyone informed of the latest protocols for Las Vegas and Orleans Hotel, Casino & Bowling Center.

We will do that with emails so if you are not on our email list, let us know. You can also follow those protocols in our local Las Vegas news outlets.

As of today, they have announced that positive COVID cases have gone down as well as hospitalizations. But keep informed and be prepared for any changes.

Given those circumstances, here’s our advice if you are interested in coming.

  • You should be flexible in your travel plans. Book your airfare directly with an airline that has a refund policy and avoid 3rd party companies that are cheaper but don’t offer refunds.
  • Make sure your hotel offers refunds within 48 hours of your trip. Again, 3rd party companies don’t always offer refunds. Orleans is offering discounted rooms Saturday through Saturday if booked by March 2.
  • High Roller will refund your entry fee upon request with 24 hours notice of your bowling time if you change your mind about attending.
  • There will be limited lanes for the Sweepers and No Tap. We suggest you enter those prior to arrival as it is possible they may be filled due to having less lanes to use. Those entry fees are fully refundable with 2 hours prior notice.
  • Smoking in the bowling center is allowed only in the Bar area.