DanGlass MickMorton
November 18, 1981

Dan Glass, from Brooklyn, New York, officially became the 1st High roller entrant! Dan has bowled several times since, as recent as 1995, 14 years later.

1982 – Mick Morton

When Washington’s Pat Johns lost to Colorado’s Mick Morton in the very 1st High Roller, he shot 204 and remained the only runner-up to shoot 200 or better in the Title Match until 1999! Pat has bowled every year!

KenBayer 1stoptionalsweeper
1983 – Ken Bayer

Champ Ken Bayer, California, actually drew his son, Chris in Round 2 of the 1984 High Roller! Chris went on to win in a very emotional High Roller moment.

1983 1st Optional Sweeper

The 1st Optional Sweeper was staged, a 3-game event, won by Alan Chodor, California, and Glen Armstrong, OK, each with 712 winning $900 apiece.

TerryStricker ChrisRiga
1984 – Terry Stricker

Left-Hander Terry Stricker, Washington, left a “ringing” 7-pin in the 10th frame to lose to Dave Newcomer, Colorado, on the 1st televised High roller. The show was seen on NBC’s Sports World.

1986 – Chris Riga

Chris Riga, Pennsylvania, bowled in just 2 of the 6 Sweepers – and won them both!

1985VIPChamp JerryHill
1985 VIP Champ

The “VIP” consisted of just 1 prize list for the best scores over a 5 day period. Californian John Hunt fired 279 in the very 1st squad and had to wait 5 days and 30 squads before being crowned $15,000 “VIP” Champ!

1986 – Jerry Hill

1985 Jerry Hill, Oklahoma, became the 1st champ of a 2-game Sweeper, firing 513 to win $3,000.

1986LowestWin 1987VIPWin
1986 – Lowest Win

An unnamed player from New Jersey, is credited with the lowest winning game as he and his opponent both opened in 7 of the first 8 frames. The final score was 122-114. The winner then received a bye in the following round and won again in the 4th round!


1987 – VIP

The “VIP” crown was shared by no less than 7 players who all shot 300 games during the 5 day event! Ron Nelson, Illinois, was actually the top money earner of the “VIP” also posting a 299 game. There were prizes for the best 5 game totals that year with Nelson totaling an amazing 1333! He earned over $11,000.


DamonCardwell MikeLichstein
1987 – Damon Cardwell

Damon Cardwell, California, became the only player to fire a 300 game in both a Sweeper and a “VIP” event. In 1995 Shawn Copeland, Oregon, fired two 300 games in the Sweepers.

1988 – Mike Lichstein

When Mike Lichstein, Connecticut, won the High Roller, he capped off a tremendous match game run. Just a few months earlier, he had finished 2nd in the Atlantic City High Roller to George Tignor, Massachussets, bringing his match game record for the 2 events to 20-1! Mike was the only player to make 2 High Roller telecasts.

DaleCordova RudyKasimakis
1988 – Dale Cordova

Dale Cordova, Colorado, became the richest Sweeper winner as he won the Friday Sweeper for $5,000 – the largest sweeper prize ever paid in the High Roller at that date.


1989 – Rudy Kasimakis

Rudy Kasimakis, New York, fired the highest game Sweeper series ever in High Roller competition, 577, to win the events by 78 pins!

BillCooley 1989VIP
1989 – Bill Cooley

Bill Cooley, California, became the first 5-figure Sweeper winner as he pocketed $15,000 finishing just 3 pins ahead of Mike Shoemaker, Texas, who earned $10,000.


1989 – VIP

The “VIP” was won by a 16-year old! Ohio’s Brian Himmler at age 16 was already a 2 year High Roller veteran!


BryonSmith PaulRenteria
1991 – Bryon Smith

Bryon Smith, Oregon, was involved in one of the best matches seen at a High Roller. Unfortunately, he was on the short end of a 287-286 thriller losing to Tony Franklin, Texas. Both players started the game with the 1st 9 strikes!


1992 Winner Paul Renteria

Winner Paul Renteria bowled the highest game ever on a High Roller telecast, 237. Pat Healey, New York, fired 280 for the Recruiter’s Doubles event teaming with 3 recruits to finish 1st, 2nd & third!

1994TitleMatch DickBrickley
1994 Title Match

The most lopsided Title Match will be remembered between John Pirtle and Dick Brickley, 237-159. Brickley had split open his thumb in the previous game and had trouble holding onto the ball.

1995 – Dick Brickley

Dick Brickley, the only player to make the top 4 twice in the July High Roller, became only the 2nd player to make a High Roller TV show a 2nd time. Dick was the runner-up last July and finished 4th the following year as well! Mike Lichstein did it as the runner-up in the 1987 Atlantic City High Roller and then again as he won the 1988 July High Roller!

DennisSamsel DavidNeal
1995 – Dennis Samsel

Dennis Samsel, Texas, fired the highest game ever to win a Title Match, 238. He beat out the high TV games rolled previously by Paul Renteria, Nevada, and John Pirtle, Hawaii, who both had 237. Only 6 champs have won the Title match with under 200.

1996 Champ David Neal

Champ David Neal, Kansas City, had to come behind in both television matches, throwing the last 6 in a row in the 1st match and the last 4 strikes in the title match to win!

PaulRenteria GeorgeTignor
1997 – Paul Renteria

Paul Renteria, Las Vegas, set earnings and title records with his 2nd $200,000 High Roller victory! Paul also bowled the lowest game to ever win a title, 178.

1998 – George Tignor

1998 George Tignor came out of the 40 & over bracket to win his 2nd High Roller title! He had also won the 1987 Atlantic City High Roller!

1999 Richard Aitken, South Africa, became only the 2nd July High roller runner-up to lose the title match with more than 200!

1999 – Arnie Goldman

Arnie Goldman defeated Nile Konicek in a thriller 238-235 to win the $125,000 top prize!